Most populated wow private servers

A lot of players are thinking about joining and playing private WOW servers, picking the right server is essential because I’m sure nobody want’s to end up on empty server or find out that their private WOW server was shut down.

In general it’s recommend to just looking around when first joining server and see how things are ran there, not all private WOW servers are the same. It probably helps if you pick private WOW server that you like or at least type that you like, for example vanilla or blizzlike.

That being said, here you can find a list of private WOW servers.

If we quickly go over top three private WOW servers…

Warmane is one of most popular private WOW servers, even tho some players dislike it, but if you wanna team up and play again real people on full server, it’s generally a good choice.

There’s also Light’s Hope, which hosts Vanilla WOW, but the population of Light’s Hope already started declining because they’re now moving towards Classic WOW.

Wotlk is another popular private WOW server, high rate server, but it doesn’t have as many players as Warmane for example.

Those are just three of them, as you can see options are endless and some private servers would come and go as server population drops.

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