Best rideable mobs in Minecraft

10th Jan, 2023

Best rideable mobs in Minecraft

There are many mobs in Minecraft that gamers can ride.

It is possible to travel long distances with riding mobs in Minecraft worlds. It is fun to care for a Minecraft mob as your pet. This is possible with almost every rideable mob.

There are many rideable mobs that you can use in Minecraft. Some are better than others.

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Minecraft's rideable mobs ranked from worst-to-best

7) Llama

Llamas can be mounted in Minecraft like other rideable mobs. Llamas cannot be properly ridden.

It is impossible to control a llama or steer them. They are the most unpracticable mob in Minecraft, and rank among the worst to ride or semi-ride.

6) Pig

Minecraft allows pigs to be ridden with a saddle. Players must have a combination carrot and fishing rod in order to guide the pigs in the right direction.

Although pigs are fun to keep as pets in Minecraft it is not practical to ride them around. Pigs are slow and not suitable for long distance travel.

5) Donkey

The best thing about donkeys in Minecraft? Their ability to carry a chest that acts as a storage unit for players.

Although the chest feature is great for donkeys, it still makes them move slower than other rideable mobs. Players may choose to use similar mobs in order to explore their Minecraft worlds.

4) Mule

Mules in Minecraft may be slightly more efficient than donkeys despite being very similar. Mules can jump higher and move faster than donkeys, which is why they are so much more agile.

Mules can carry chests for players, too. Minecraft allows you to breed a donkey or horse and get a mule.

3) Horse

These mobs can travel long distances on the ground by using horses. Horses are quite common in Minecraft worlds. This makes it easier for gamers to use horses to travel.

Horse mobs vary in speed, but horses can sometimes be very fast and jump high. Horses are one of the most useful Minecraft mobs because they can be used for travel.

2) Skeleton Horse

Skeleton horses share many of the same characteristics as regular horse mobs. Their rarity and their appearances are the main differences.

The Minecraft world is blessed with the skeleton horse, a rare mob. They are rare and only appear when lightning strikes.

Skeleton horses are more striking than other rideable mobs because they have a unique appearance than regular horses.

1) Strider

The strider is probably the most popular Minecraft mob. Striders are the most practical mob rideable.

There are many options available for traveling in Minecraft. Some of the most efficient methods don't even involve horses. Striders are a great way to travel in the Nether, making it easier than ever.

Traveling in the Nether can be extremely treacherous. It is almost always safer to travel on a strider through the Nether's lava floor. Striders are extremely fast and can be guided by a warped fungus attached to a fishing rod.

While Minecraft players may have their favorite rideable mob, most gamers will be able to choose from a variety of mobs.