How to beat Endermen

24th Dec, 2022

How to beat Endermen

Every Minecraft gamer will encounter terrifying enemies and scary monsters on their way. Many hostile mobs were inspired by horror movies and real-life horror stories, including skeletons, zombies, endermen, and others.

Enderman, one of the most terrifying mobs in Minecraft, was created by the legendary Slender Man. Endermen mobs are made to look like Slender Man's tall, lanky stature.

Enderman is considered a neutral mob. They won't attack anyone unless provoked. To keep safe, players can avoid looking at Enderman's faces.

Endermen are the only Minecraft mob to spawn in all three dimensions. Endermen can be defeated to earn ender pearls which can be used to activate the end portal.

5) Create a shelter two blocks tall

Enderman, as of Minecraft 1.17, is the tallest mob. Their biggest problem is their height. To kill Endermen, players can easily hide in a shelter two blocks tall.

Even though Endermen can't attack, they will be angry and stand before the player. This method can be used by players to earn XP and emeralds, without having to build a farm.

4) Endermen suffer water-related injuries

Endermen are fascinating creatures that possess special abilities. They also have their flaws. They can sustain damage from water contact.

Many players have seen Endermen randomly teleport from one location to the next during rain. This is because they are receiving damage. To keep Endermen away, players can use a water bucket.

3) Don't use projectiles

All types of projectile attacks are ineffective against Endermen. Endermen can deflect projectiles and teleport to other places instantly. They can only be hit with melee weapons.

To kill Enderman groups, players can use powerful enchantments such as Sharpness V and Sweeping Edge III to their weapons, also known for haunting.

2) Don't use the Fire Aspect

While fire is the best way of killing most mobs in Minecraft's world, it is not the best for Endermen. Fire does cause damage to Endermen, but players should not attack them with Fire Aspect Enchantment because of their “on fire” behavior.

Endermans that are affected by fire will teleport to random places until the fire is extinguished. This can cause them to teleport too far and players will not get ender pearls.

1) Use boats

Enderman is a regular mob and not a boss mob. Endermen can be trapped in Minecraft by players using boats. Endermen won't be able to teleport away once they have been trapped. This trick is often used by speedrunners to quickly and safely get their ender pearls.