How to make a complete set of Minecraft Netherite armor

23rd Dec, 2022

How to make a complete set of Minecraft Netherite armor

Minecraft Netherite armor, which is a powerful set that can protect you against the most difficult enemies in Minecraft, is one of the best in the game. It is superior to Diamond and can even withstand being submerged in water – a unique feature of Netherite, which was added as part the Minecraft Nether update. It's an important piece of late-game gear. We'll show you how to make Netherite armor in Minecraft. You'll be the toughest block-buddy ever.

How to make a Netherite armor set in Minecraft

Players must have a different set to craft Netherite armor in Minecraft. This is how it works:

1. Make some Minecraft diamonds and make Diamond armor. Each piece of the set will correspond to a piece Netherite armor.

2. Purchase a Smithing Table. These can be purchased from local villages or you can make your own by placing two iron smelted over a 2×2 area of wooden planks.

3. As shown above, place a piece of Diamond armor in the Smithing Table with a Netherite Incgot.

4. This will be a Netherite armour piece, “upgrading” the existing Diamond armor to Netherite.

5. Continue this process for each piece of Diamond armor until you have the complete Netherite set.

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This method of upgrading Diamond armor actually allows you to carry over existing enchantments (and lose durability) to the Netherite armor instead of creating a new, unaltered piece. This is an important consideration when deciding what to improve.

Netherite armor is much more durable than Diamond armor and has +1 Armor Toughness, +1 Knockback Resistance, and much higher durability. Everything Netherite can also float in lava, which is one of its greatest advantages!

Your Netherite equipment will still be safe if you are killed in the Nether, or in a hidden lava pool in a cave. Although it will take some time to get a complete set of Netherite armor, once you do, you'll be well taken care of for a long period.