What should you do with a melon in Minecraft

12th Dec, 2022

What should you do with a melon in Minecraft

There are many items in Minecraft that can be eaten to keep you full. It is important to eat because players will take damage if their hunger levels drop below a certain level.

There are many ways to use melons. Loot chests that are generated in mineshafts and dungeons can be used as a source of their seeds.

Minecraft uses of melons

5) Food

Each slice of melon will give the player 2 hunger points (1 drumstick) and 1.2 levels of hunger saturation. They must grow them a lot if they are growing them for food. It does not restore many hunger point.

4) Composting

A composter is a tool that allows players to turn some food items into bone meals. To do this, they need to press and hold the use button while holding the food item in each hand. When the composter reaches level 7, bone meals can be taken from it.

There is a 65% chance of melon blocks raising the compost level by one. They have a 50% chance to do the same with their slices. For composting, it is recommended that players use melon slice instead of melon block blocks. They are more efficient than melon blocks.

3. Crafting

You can use melon slices to make seeds, glister melon slices, or melon blocks. Crafting melon blocks is primarily to improve inventory management. Players will need to have gold nuggets in order to craft glistering melons slices.

2) Trading

Trade is a great feature that allows the player to trade items with other villagers. A job site block, similar to a composter, can make an unemployed villager a trader.

A farmer villager who is at level 3 will receive an emerald for four melons in return for being a journeyman (level 3)

1) Growing more melons

Melon seeds can be obtained if the player has melons. They can also be made using melon slices. These seeds can be used for more melons by growing them on farmland blocks.

Melons grow differently to other crops, such as wheat and potato. Their stems will be visible on the farmland when they are placed. The melon will then grow on a nearby dirt block.